Does this describe you?

By most standards you’re considered a very successful attorney – you’ve made partner and developed a strong client base. But you don’t enjoy practicing law anymore, you feel frustrated, unappreciated and like your firm is not the right platform for growth. You may be looking for:


  • More support.
  • More work-life balance.
  • Better compensation.
Maybe you’re a successful partner at a law firm with business of your own, but you’ve already realized (or you’re beginning to realize) that your current firm is the wrong fit for you.


  • Your firm doesn’t have the practice areas to meet your clients’ legal needs.
  • Your firm’s rates are too high for your clients.
  • Your specialty area is incompatible with the focus of your firm.
  • The internal dynamics of your firm keep you from hiring and keeping the right people.
  • Your current firm’s culture isn’t a comfortable fit for you.

You should be at a firm that fits you, your clients and your practice; one where you can enjoy practicing law again.

“Jen encouraged me to interview for the firm that I am now with – and it’s a firm I never would have considered.  She told me to trust her – and to take the interview and to meet the attorneys.  It wound up being a perfect fit, the best move ever.”

It’s Time to Find Your Perfect Fit

Partner with an experienced attorney and legal recruiter to find that great fit.  With 12 years in practice and 13 years in recruiting, we can get your search going.  The Gillman Strategic Group focuses on matching partners to the exact right perfect fit law firm.  We listen to what your perfect match is and do the legwork to find the possible options for you.  Your new firm:

  • Has all the practice areas your current and potential clients need.
  • Allows you to set hourly or project rates that make sense for your clients.
  • Allows the work-life balance you seek.
  • Enables you to assemble the right team to support the work you bring in.
  • Compensates you fairly for the work you do and the clients you bring in.