Specializing in law firm partner placement in New Jersey, New York and South Florida, Gillman Strategic Group is a uniquely candidate-facing strategic ally, focusing solely on finding the perfect fit for law firm partners with established business.

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lateral recruiting

By most standards you’re considered a very successful attorney — you’ve made partner and developed a strong client base. But you’re feeling frustrated.

  • Your current firm isn’t the right platform for you and you feel like you can’t fully serve your clients.
  • You may also feel like even though you’re successful, you’re working so hard you don’t have any work/life balance.
  • You’re working so hard that you should be compensated better. 

Maybe you’re a successful partner at a law firm with business of your own, but you’ve already realized (or you’re beginning to realize) that your current firm is the wrong fit for you.

  • Perhaps your firm doesn’t have the correct practice areas to meet all of your clients’ legal needs.
  • Some firms may set rates that are too high or don’t make sense for your client base.
  • Your specialty area is incompatible with the focus of your firm.
  • The internal dynamics of your firm keep you from attracting and retaining the right team.
  • Your current firm’s culture isn’t a comfortable fit for you.

What you need is to find a firm with a better fit for your clients and practice — one in which you can stop turning away work.

Your new firm

  • Has all the practice areas your current and potential clients need.
  • Allows you to set hourly or project rates that make sense for your clients.
  • Enables you to assemble the right team to support the work you bring in. 
  • Compensates you fairly for the work you do and the clients you bring in.

The problem is that you’re so busy just getting your work done and keeping your current clients satisfied that you don’t have the time to even start looking for a better fit. Let alone a great one.

That’s where we come in.

Partner with an experienced attorney and legal recruiter to find that great fit. With 12 years in practice and 10 years in recruiting, we can get your search going. The Gillman Strategic Group focuses on the New Jersey legal market.

We listen to what your perfect match is and do the legwork to find the possible options for you. We help you narrow them down.  We can help you negotiate a great deal with your new firm.

How the
process works

We follow a clear, open process with each partner looking for the “perfect fit firm”. Matchmaking works best when everyone is transparent about their intentions, needs, and goals.

Gillman Strategic Group will do the legwork for you — allowing you to keep your focus on your clients. Led by Jennifer Gillman, Esq., our Group’s contacts with law firms around New Jersey and New York give us the leverage to land you the best position.

We’ll work together in our four-step process.

1. Create Our Connection

We meet by phone, and then in person if we decide to work together. We’ll explore your concerns about your current firm and goals for any future firm.

2. Craft Your Plan

Based on our conversations, we help you create your Business Plan, and I research law firms which might be a great fit for you.

3. Connect With Firms

You select the firms which appeal to you, and I submit your business plan and practice description to my contacts at those firms. We work together to prepare for and debrief after all meetings with the firms, taking advantage of feedback from the firms.

4. Close Your Deal

Once you’ve narrowed your search down, we’ll help you complete all the details the firm needs, including the Lateral Partner Questionnaire, and I’ll negotiate offers for you. Then, I’ll help you select the best place for you.

Throughout the process, I will be available to you via text, email, phone, and in-person. We are your partner from the first call through the first days at your new firm, helping you transition to the new firm.

Jennifer Gillman’s experience both as an attorney (12 years) and legal recruiter (10 years) will serve you well during your search for the great new firm.

we are

Gillman Strategic Group, LLC, led by Jennifer Gillman, is a “law firm matchmaker” that helps successful partners find a better fit at a new firm.

We work with individual partners and groups who have their own clients, but struggle with keeping those clients happy and maximizing their own compensation, because their current firm is simply the wrong fit.

What separates our service from other legal recruiters is the combination of Jennifer Gillman’s 12 years of law firm practice, over 10 years as a legal recruiter with a focus on the New Jersey legal market, and personal interest in matchmaking.

Because of this experience, clients receive a long-term teammate who will do the legwork they don’t have time for and help them narrow down the options to find their perfect law firm match.

We’ll work together in our four-step process.

  • Rate flexibility.
  • Cross-selling opportunities.
  • General firm culture.
  • Ensuring healthy work/life balance.
  • Additional specialty areas.
  • Ability to attract and retain the right team.
  • Compensation not fairly matching the work.


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