Here at Gillman Strategic Group we work with law firm partners that have a significant book of portable business.

While we only work directly with rainmakers, we do meet many other attorneys all the time, and while we can’t directly support them, we do have resources to help them.

If you are one of these lawyers, or you know someone that our resources could help, we invite you to browse the page and use whatever works for you.

Download One of Our Guides

These Gillman Strategic Group guides will support you in managing your legal career. 

Download Our Business Plan Template. 

How to Know if Your Law Firm Is a Good Fit.

Learn What Makes A Good Lateral Partner Candidate.

How to Choose a Legal Recruiter.

Zoom Tips

Remote interviews are here to stay, so to help stave off Zoom anxiety and prepare yourself for your next interview.

Top Recommended Networking Groups

These networking groups are a great way for you to learn how to do business development and become rainmaker. Or, if you already know what you are doing, they are a great place to build your network.

I have participated in all of these groups and they are made up of great, well-meaning people trying to make meaningful connections. 

For our networking events, click here

Authentic Networker, learn more here 

USA 500, a great place for lawyers and accountants, learn more here.  

Legal Resources Network, is a great resource for anyone in the legal vertical, learn more here.   

Happy Neighborhood Project, learn more here.  


Sometimes coaching can help you to succeed in your current role or even to help you identify if you want to change career paths.

  • First, it is worth reaching out to your law school’s career center.  Even if you graduated 20 years ago, they often have resources available to alumni.  
  • I also recommend Wendy Schult, The Authenticity Coach.  She helps high achievers explore, vet and clarify their own definition of success, figure out what is getting in the way and create tactical, practical plans to make their dreams a reality. You can learn more about Wendy at Keys to Authenticity here.  
  • Does this resonate, “I have it all, I should be happy.” Or, “I made it to the top and it’s not what I thought.” Or, “What if they knew how I really feel?”  And, you’re not clear on what’s next, I recommend calling on Stephanie Trager. A former attorney who’s been coaching and advising for more than two decades, she’s one who gets you, where you’ve been, and no matter how hard it feels, she can help you uncover where you’re ready to go. You can contact her here.

Business Plan Template

Becoming a rainmaker and making a lateral move means that you must actively manage your business.  Whether you are changing jobs or just managing your business effectively, you need a business plan to help guide you.


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Recommended Recruiters:

If you are looking for a recruiter to help you with an area we don’t support currently please reach out to Jen and she would be happy to make an introduction for you.  You can reach her at