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At Gillman Strategic Group we are always looking for new recruiters. If you are interested in helping successful lawyers take control of their careers and enjoy practicing law again, review the job description below. If this sounds like you, and you are interested in joining us, please contact us.

Recruiter Job Description

At Gillman Strategic Group, we are expanding nationally and are always looking for additional recruiters to join the team.

Our recruiters usually come from either a sales or a legal background.

If coming from a legal background, the applicant must want to leverage his or her knowledge about the legal industry and law firm life. He or she must be excited to talk to lawyers and help them find their ideal law firm. There may be some training required to understand the sales side of things.

If coming from a sales background, the applicant will need to get up to speed on the legal industry, geographic areas we work in, law firms we work with – be willing to put in the extra time to research and learn.

Recruiter applicants need to love networking and meeting other people, either in person or online. They need to enjoy talking on the phone, getting to the root of the dissatisfaction of the person they are speaking to, and willing to learn the skills to know if we can help.

Our recruiters need to be willing to create long term relationships even when there is not a quick return and be willing to invest time getting to know law firm partners. They also need to know and be OK with telling some people we can’t help them and referring them to one of our referral partner recruiters that can. They must also be willing to tell people to stay where they are when that is best for their career, as well as willing to tell people when issues they have can’t be addressed by a job move.

• Self-Starter
• Positive attitude/upbeat
• Committed to making the process stress free for both candidates (attorneys we work with) and clients (law firms we place candidates with)
• Happy to work collaboratively with the rest of the team
• Understands the ups and downs of deals not working out and income based on commissions.
• Willing to be flexible in working outside traditional business hours
• Willing to attend some events outside traditional business hours
• Enjoy networking

What we can offer:
• Flexible Schedule
• Fully Remote
• Focus on any geographical area you would like to
• Income commensurate with experience, hours and results/Medical benefits available
• Chance to work with a great team
• Be part of a growing company where your ideas will be valued
• Resources to help you in your success
• A company with management open to hearing your ideas

Stuff you should know

Our office is virtual, which means no commute time, and more family–work flexibility. It also means you’ve got to have good internet, telephones, and a desk. You need an ergonomic chair too. Don’t have one? We’ll help with that.

We are flexible – we can make this work full time or part time. For the most part you manage your calendar.  

If you like people, the work is great. But if you don’t like people, the work is awful. One of our core values is no Eeyore’s allowed. So, if your negativity tends to suck the energy out of a room the moment you enter, there are better opportunities for you.

We help lawyers be happier in their jobs. They generally earn an excellent living financially but aren’t happy. We care about their happiness, and you must also genuinely care about it. This isn’t lip service: lawyer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we will not place people in a role unless we believe it is a good fit and will make them happier. Note this code word: Porcupine.

Who we imagine you are

We would love for you to have oodles of legal recruiting experience with a deep network of unhappy law firm partners with large business books.

 We also know that you probably do not meet all those criteria. 

  • So, maybe you know the law and are interested in learning to recruit.
  • Or you are great at sales or recruiting and want to learn law.
  • Perhaps you are an event planner at a high-end place who can communicate effectively to meet the expectations of high-end clientele and want to learn law, recruiting, and sales.

If you’ve read this far and are willing to work hard (with a good group of people), dedicate yourself to getting results, and are open to training, coaching and support, let’s have a conversation.

Please submit your resume and a short letter explaining why you think you are a fit, below. Please include include the code word in the subject line so that we know you’ve read this page. Yes, we know this seems silly and messes with the content – but it makes life easier for us and those who do read the post. 

If this position is of interest to you, we would love to talk with you.  Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly! 

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