On January 22nd, Susan Ganz conducted an interview with me on R.E.S.T.

A web series, R.E.S.T. highlights the owners of small to mid-sized businesses, executives of non-profits, and other community leaders. These leaders share their respective professional journeys, backgrounds on their organizations, and how they are being resilient. The goal of R.E.S.T. is to inspire others and increase awareness of the wonderful work that is being done around the world.

In the interview, I discuss my career journey. Coming from a family of lawyers, having a law-related career was my destiny. I started off my career practicing law but found that my passion was on the people side of the business. This led to launching my own legal recruiting “matchmaking” firm in 2018.

I also share the excitement of starting and growing my business. Specifically, I discuss the hiring of full-time staff, conquering the apprehension of clients through trust, and relationship building in a pandemic. Lastly, I offer words of encouragement for those thinking of starting a business.

I thank Susan for the fun interview. You can click here to hear the entire interview.