When is the best time to find your perfect fit law firm? This is a trick question. Why? Because there is no best time – at least if we are being guided by the calendar. Rather, the best time is when an individual partner or group is ready and motivated to make a move. I have learned this while helping rainmakers find their exact right perfect law firms. Many partners think if they join a new law firm, it should happen at the beginning of the year. However, while January may be a convenient time to start something new, waiting another year is not the only option if you are realizing that it’s already mid-December and you haven’t started the process.

Year-End Myth

There is some logic assuming that the best time to find your perfect law firm is at the end or beginning of the new year. After all, firm management makes compensation decisions at this time of the year. For many partners, it makes sense to stick around to get that bonus or last draw. Rainmakers also spend an inordinate amount of time on collections and wrapping up client needs before the year ends. Plus, it is the holiday season which we all know adds a layer of stress and time constraints. For these reasons, even though many partners think this is the best time to change firms, it gets put off. Then these folks think that they missed the boat to change law firms. There is always next year after all.

The Calendar’s Insignificance

As the above highlights, if there were only recruiting opportunities at year-end, not many partners would change law firms. Therefore, I say the best time to change, again, is when you have the motivation and are ready. Perhaps, your clients need additional services that cannot be provided at your current firm. As a result, they are a flight risk. Or maybe, you are leaving significant money on the table because you must refer work out. These are positive problems.

On the other hand, maybe motivation comes from negative issues. For example, you were promised a leadership role, or more support, or more money. Another year came and went. More unkept promises. Do you want another year of unhappiness and frustration?

It’s Never Too Late

So simply said, the best time to find your perfect fit law firm is when you are ready. Please note though, that it can take some time. There is a process but do not let that deter you. We will guide you through it while handling the details. You can focus on being a lawyer. If this sounds appealing, schedule a call with us.