The days seem shorter, the leaves are falling, and the temperature is dropping. This can only mean one thing – it’s Halloween. It is also compensation season for lawyers. Will you get tricked again this year, or will you get a treat?

Let’s start with tricks. You reached all of your goals for the year. You billed your hours, you collected your fees for the firm, you were a solid citizen. In short, you contributed to the firm and met all expectations. Management tells your bonus and compensation for next year. Their offer leads to extreme disappointment. They tell you not to worry because you will be taken care of next year. All you need to do is hit certain requirements. It’s a trick. Don’t fall for it.

Similarly, you were promised more help from associate attorneys. You were promised more resources to market and grow your practice. Or maybe, you were promised to have a seat at the table. After all, you bring significant business into the firm. However, another year has passed and none of these promises came to fruition. Tricked again!

Get a Treat

So, how about you treat yourself to something new. A new firm that values you and keeps its promises to you. One that will support your practice not only with words, but with money and resources. Doesn’t this sound nice? It is possible. It is my job to find the perfect match law firm for you. Opportunity is out there, and the demand is great for your client base and skills. If you are serious and want to be at a new law firm in the new year, start the process now. It takes time.

Call us to schedule an appointment to explore the opportunities. In the meantime, we wish you and your family a Happy Halloween. May you get lots of treats, and no tricks.