When I was practicing law, I learned many things. I learned how to research and write, argue a case, handle clients, and navigate firm politics. Also, I learned that legal recruiters can be annoying. I got a ton of cold calls from legal recruiters during my 12 years of practice. When I answered the phone, most of them would just start talking. They would tell me about a great opportunity. An opportunity so great, I would be foolish to turn it down. Sometimes they would even call me multiple days in a row with the same opportunity I had already said no to!  Rarely, if ever, did the person on the other end of the phone ask me about my goals and aspirations.

So, what else did I learn? I learned that I never wanted to be like those annoying recruiters.  Later in my career, when I decided to get into legal recruiting myself, I knew that I did not want to be like so many of the recruiters that wasted my time. I realized there is a better way. Therefore, when I decided to launch Gillman Strategic Group, I deliberately set out on a different path. I became a candidate-facing legal recruiter or Law Firm Matchmaker. Happily, I achieved my mission.

A Different Type of Legal Recruiter

I do not cold call lawyers trying to fill an open job slot on behalf of a law firm. I only work with established partner-level attorneys who want to find a better matched law firm. And, I get to know my candidates by asking many questions, and actually listening to their answers.  If you want a firm with a certain reputation, we will work to find it. Location, culture, people, practice areas, support – your wishes are our marching orders.

Here is an example to better explain how we do business. You are moving with your family. You tell the realtor exactly what you want. Your wish list includes a budget, school district, the type of home, size of property, type of utilities and so forth. The bad realtor shows you homes with none, or few, of your wish list items. The good realtor only shows you places with all of your wish list items. If there is no possibility to get you all of your wish list items, the good realtor explains why and offers alternatives. The bad realtor cares about getting a commission as fast as possible. The good realtor cares about your long-term happiness. We are the good realtor of legal recruiting.

If you are a busy attorney and unhappy at your job – stop taking cold calls. You know as well as I do that legal recruiters can be annoying. Gillman Strategic Group is different. Our only goal is to find the perfect law firm match. Click here to schedule an appointment or give us a call.