As the pandemic seems to be winding down, law firms are beginning to reopen or are making plans for reopening. In fact, there have been many articles about this topic in legal journals and online. Some firms have set hard dates for their office to reopen. Others have set tentative dates. Some are requiring all personnel to return in person on a full-time basis. Many are giving choices to their employees. And others are coming out with hybrid models. Lastly, a few firms are even opening offices in new jurisdictions that are completely virtual. The point is that when it comes to the reopening of law offices, there are options for everybody.

Loving Remote Work

I have spoken to many lawyers who have become accustomed to working from home. I have heard all sorts of stories from these people. For example, one lawyer has told me that she spent a lot of time, and money, setting up her home office. She has it in a place where she can work seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively.  Another lawyer I know got a puppy during the pandemic and does not want to leave her alone. Yet another has learned to cook. He wants to be home at dinner time to enjoy his newfound passion. Maybe you developed a morning workout routine and dread returning to a long commute – leaving no time for your exercise.  At the end of the day, many lawyers love this new normal and do not want to go back. The good news is that there are firms that will accommodate them.

There is more good news. Since clients had to be serviced by lawyers under a remote setting during the pandemic, they too have gotten used to it. Therefore, many do not care where their lawyer is working as long as they are accessible, responsive, and doing the work.

Loving the Office

I have also heard from many attorneys who are itching to get back to the office on a full-time basis. They want to see their colleagues. They want to collaborate with their team members. And they want to get back to a daily routine. This routine actually includes the commute to and from work. These folks are eager to be back to their old normal. Hence, they want their law firms to be fully open and operational.

The Spectrum

Where do you fall on the spectrum? More importantly, are your current firm’s reopening plans and policies in line with your wishes and desires? Does your firm understand that you have childcare issues? Do they know or care that you are concerned for your safety? Will they make accommodations for you? Does management agree with you that lawyers need to be in the office working?

If you do not like how your firm answers these questions, there are options. It matters how the reopening of law offices impacts you. Because it matters, it is my job to find you viable options. Don’t settle, call me.