With the last days of summer upon us, perhaps it’s a good time to start planning your move to a new law firm. There are two things that we trust at Gillman Strategic Group. The first is that you are busy. Therefore, we developed a process (below) that takes much of the work off your plate. We like to say, all you need to do is show up at interviews. It is not quite that simple, but we will not waste your time. And second, we believe that successful lawyers deserve to be happy and successful.  Hence, our goal is to find a law firm where you can accomplish both. So channel that “back to school” feeling and use this time to plan your exit from your current firm to ultimately transition into your exact right perfect-fit law firm.

The Process

We developed a process that leaves the heavy lifting to us. Therefore, you can focus on serving your clients,  and enjoying the remainder of your summer. In a nutshell, our process looks like this:

  1. Create Our Connection. Once we decide to work together, we set up a meeting. At this meeting, we explore your concerns about your current firm and goals for any future firm.
  2. Craft Your Plan.  Based on our conversations, we help create your Business Plan. And we research law firms that might be a great fit for you.
  3. Connect With Firms. You select the firms which sound appealing to you. Then, we submit your business plan and practice description to our contacts at those firms. We work together to prepare for and debrief after all meetings/interviews with the firms.
  4. Close Your Deal. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, we’ll help you complete all the details the firm needs, including the Lateral Partner Questionnaire, and we will negotiate offers for you. Then, we will help you select the best place for you.

Throughout the process, we will be available to you via text, email, phone, and in-person. We are your partner from the first call through the first days at your new firm, and beyond, helping you transition to the new firm and staying in touch throughout the rest of your career.

Your Homework

Homework? But you just said that you do the heavy lifting! Yes, we did, and it’s true. However, we also said that we would need some input from you. So, this is easy homework.

  •       Make your wish list – what would make you happy and more successful at a new firm. Here are some ideas:
    • Better compensation
    • Deeper bench
    • Larger platform
    • Nicer people
    • Closer to home
  •       Make a list of law firms that may interest you and do not interest you. If you do not know, no worries, this one is optional.
  •       Gather information – at this point, just some basics.
    • Your resume, bio, or cv
    • Client information including  billing history and collections. This information is useful for us to help you  develop your business plan. Also, it’s necessary for the LPQ later on, which is a requirement of most law firms.
  •     Set up a call with us.

We are here to help you plan your exit. More importantly, we are here to help you find your exact right perfect fit at a new law firm. In the meantime, you can also submit any questions you have through our Q&A form and we are happy to reply with the answers.