Perhaps you want a better compensation and benefits package, a deeper bench to pull from, a broader breadth of practice areas to cross sell to your clients, a firm with better technology, a culture that you find fulfilling and motivating, or a larger platform to grow your practice. Whatever the reason, the process takes time, so start planning now. This is essential if you’ve been thinking about moving to a new law firm in 2021 and would like to be settled in the first quarter.

Here is the good news. One, law firms are actively recruiting rainmakers with a portable book of business. Two, I only work with people like you to find the perfect match law firm. Knowing that this time of year is busy for lawyers, I will do the heavy lifting for you. This includes learning what you want, researching the marketplace, finding potential new firms, assisting with your business plan, and negotiating on your behalf. 

One other point. The 4th quarter is also comp season for most law firms. As such, management at these firms get tied up making it harder to get their attention. This is another reason to start the process now – so you can get in front of them before they get too busy to pay attention.

Is this the year you finally make a change, or will you just talk about it?

In my experience, many partners wait to move until after they receive their bonus. This is totally understandable. However, waiting to start the process until then will only cause a delay in finding a new law firm in 2021. Call me – 2021 is going to sneak up on us.